Hybrid Electric Cars

Article: Hybrid Electric Cars

Hybrid electric cars have risen in popularity because gas prices all over the world have been soaring for years, giving drivers no other option than to pay the high prices. With more people driving vehicles that require more gas on a weekly basis, the constantly increasing price of gasoline hurts conventional car owners right in the pocketbook. Gas prices are not yet high enough to deter consumers from driving their big trucks and sports utility vehicles, but the thrifty driver may see things differently. A popular option for those looking for a cheaper way to travel are hybrid electric cars.

Hybrid Electric Car Engine

The hybrid car engine is something of mixed origin. Typically a hybrid vehicle is one that has both a gasoline engine and an electric motor. The gasoline engine is often smaller than those in regular vehicles. Power is maintained when gas engine and electric motor work in tandem. A high-voltage battery powers the electric motor. It can be charged over night. Today’s hybrids can operate using either engine alone, or both at the same time. This efficient system is great for the environment and even better for your pocket book. With both a gasoline engine as well as an electric motor, the hybrid cars do not require as much gasoline as regular vehicles. Some hybrid cars average near 50 mpg, which is amazing when compared to conventional gasoline engine vehicles. The incredible gas mileage is one reason hybrid car engines are becoming popular. Especially since the price of gasoline continues to soar.

Since hybrid cars burn less gasoline than most vehicles, they also emit fewer pollutants. Studies show they are 90% cleaner than a conventional automobile. The small and efficient hybrid engines also help reduce their total exhaust emissions, making them not only financially wise choices, but also environmentally acceptable. The fact that hybrids have two engines that work together to get the most efficient results is the main reason why hybrids get great gas mileage.

Generally, hybrids are smaller and weigh less than traditional automobiles. That also helps produce better mileage. Most hybrid electric cars are being sold with low-rolling resistance tires installed. These tires are so named because they have proven to create less tire to road friction and roll easily. They minimize the energy need to propel the car. With these tires the car is more energy efficient and gets better gas mileage.

Studies have shown that hybrid cars with low-rolling resistant tires use approximately 6% less gas per mile that conventional vehicles. The average driver of a sports utility vehicle may complain of spending $50 or more per week on gasoline. An average hybrid driver estimates they spend less than $20 a week in gas. Different models of hybrids will, in fact, get different mpg rates. Charts show that if you own a vehicle that gets 21 mpg, you will spend an average of $8,500 a year on gasoline.

If you own a hybrid car that gets 46 mpg you will spend $3,900, which means you will save over $4,600 a year. Driving a hybrid electric car that gets 55 or more miles per gallon will save you between $500 and $1000 more a year compared to a 46mpg hybrid electric car.

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